Global Lives Project World Premiere Installation – Opening Night Success!

The Global Lives Project debuted our world premiere exhibit at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco to an opening night crowd of more than 1,100 people!

For the first time ever, we screened our series of ten 24-hour videos of daily life from around the planet. We collaborated with hundreds of volunteers around the world in preparation for the exhibit – our onscreen participants, our directors and producers, translators and transcribers, renowned architects, video installation producers, as well as our sponsors, the Long Now Foundation & Adobe Foundation.

Our opening night celebration included great music by DJs Kid Kameleon, Tinker and Chief Boima, drinks, dancing, Gamelon music and chocolate tasting.

We have collaborated with hundreds of volunteers around the world in preparation for the exhibit, with a mission to build a video library of human life experience.  Initially, we have videotaped 24 ours in the lives of 10 people around the world, including their life stories.  These 10 lives have been brought together for the first time on Opening Night, featuring a large scale, immersive installation of 10 screens, showing the diverse lives from around the planet unfold simultaneously. In the Room for Big Ideas, sit in our architectural spaces to soak in the stories of Jamila, a little girl raised in a refugee camp in Beirut, Rumi, who leads an active life in Tokyo, and is a wheelchair user, or James, a cable car driver right here in San Francisco.

Global Lives Project World Premiere PartyThe exhibit is part of an artist residency that will evolve over 4 months, from February through June 20. As we move into the near future, we the Board members will work on and oversee projects to: 1) build an instruction manual for our traveling exhibit, 2) Produce a set of curriculum for use of GLP content in classrooms, 3) improve our website to provide a more immersive experience, translate into many languages, and accept new footage, and 4) Produce and edit a feature-length documentary based on our footage.