Behind the Scenes of our 24-hour shoot in Vietnam

What an amazing, unforgettable experience! My documentary crew finished filming 24-hours of the life of Lê Huyền as part of the Global Lives Project. Check out behind-the-scenes photos here:

GLP Vietnam Behind the Scenes
Global Lives curates an ever-expanding collection of films that faithfully capture 24 continuous hours in the life of individuals from around the world, celebrating the diversity of human experience. As part of our next series, my crew and I portraited Lê Huyền, a young woman who lives and works on her family’s sand barge on the Mekong River Delta near Mỹ Khánh village,Vietnam.

On the day our crew filmed Huyền, she woke up at 5am to begin work: taking her turn to drive the barge, buy produce from river boats that pull up, cook meals on the boat, and help with the operations of the boat. A dredging machine removes earth from the bottom of the river, loads it on her barge, and the sand is transported to construction projects in riverside villages. On this day, the delivery is to her home village a few hours down the river. Many of these hamlets, including her home along the river, are only accessibly by small tributaries. Our crew was only able to reach her home village by rowboat. On the occasions in which she returns home, she lives with a large extended family, who welcomed us with open hearts.