NAOMI TURE is a video professional and filmmaker based in San Francisco, CA. Her wide-ranging background in the digital arts includes video & television production, educational technology, animation, installation and graphic design.

Naomi loves what she does. Her current passion project is her independent documentary, A Perfect Match, which hopes to literally save lives through compelling storytelling.

As a freelance video professional, Naomi provides full service video production, from concept through completion, specializing in short, targeted and impactful videos.  Her documentary, promotional and PR videos build brand awareness and/or tell an emotional story to activate an audience.

Previously, she was Senior Producer for KMVT Community Television, where she produced and directed short documentaries, produced live election coverage, taught digital arts classes, and launched KMVT’s online videos-on-demand.

Beginning her digital arts explorations at Brown University, Naomi co-developed a pre-operative software package for the Hasbro Children’s Hospital in RI.  During graduate studies at iEAR in upstate NY, her artwork included the production of a 5.1 surround sound video for the Schenectady Planetarium and 3D architectural animations for Morse Zehnter Associates. Her first stint in California resulted in an online exhibit for the Exploratorium called “Step Re-Mix”. Naomi holds a degree in Education Studies from Brown University and a Masters in Electronic Art from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Naomi is interested in the utilization of video and new media as a means to increase thoughtful dialogue, and spark social change.