Filming for Healthcare

We are filming a video on managing back pain through expert-guided advice and exercises.

From the Perspective of Students

I was asked to produce a documentary-style video for a Bay Area private school – The King’s Academy – and, because of its close-knit atmosphere, we decided to focus on the authentic experience of the students themselves.  Dynamic and close-up video showcase student life, retreats and service trips, extra-curricular activities, and the close mentorship between students, teachers and staff. Illustrated is a sense of a close-knit, accepting community within a positive Christian environment, with exciting options on and off campus. The goal is for potential students to think, “I WANT to be part of this school community”.

"Full Moon Over Calle"

Nicholas Gunn Music Video

From sunrise at the beach to a full moon at tea garden ruins on top of a private mountain, the whole music video shoot was pretty spectacular. In addition, we were of course serenaded with beautiful flute music and flamenco guitar by world class musicians. Not a bad gig as second camera. View the “Full Moon Over Calle” official music video here, as well as some behind-the-scenes shots.

Brand Journalism: Producing Quality Content

Brand Journalism seems to be the new buzzword in the marketing and PR world. What’s interesting is that it’s not direct marketing, it’s not even content marketing, and can even be unrelated to a company’s product or service itself. Brand Journalism thinks about the broader sphere of the industry first. It informs a large audience about content that affects them and they have an interest in. And, as a result, your brand could become the industry authority. In collaboration with Cisco’s The Network, here’s a quick video I shot & edited on thoughts and insights from communication pros.

More info on Cisco’s Blog.

Northern California Community Loan Fund

What a meaningful and fun project to Produce! My team and I were able to work with the Northern California Community Loan Fund (NCCLF), filming with constituents of the non-profits they serve across the SF Bay Area. NCCLF provides financing and expertise to strengthen low-income neighborhoods and enable disadvantaged people to build a better future.

For their 25-Year Anniversary Video, we interweaved a few heartfelt stories from the communities they serve, showing how the unique work of CDFIs and Socially Responsible Investing can truly strengthen the economic base of low-income communities. Thanks to Chris Faber, who brought his craft of editing into this piece. On May 24, NCCLF celebrated their 25th anniversary, and it was reported this video brought a few audience members to tears. It feels wonderful to touch hearts with meaningful work.

Moving Train sponsors "A Perfect Match"

Great news! My film, A Perfect Match, has been selected by Moving Train to receive fiscal sponsorship – allowing the film to receive tax-deductible donations!

Moving Train’s mission is to help documentary filmmakers tell compelling, socially relevant and entertaining stories that become catalysts for change.  Through fiscal sponsorship and mentoring Moving Train will demystify and facilitate every stage of the film making process from fine tuning an idea through distribution.

Moving Train was founded by Emmy winning directors Dana Nachman & Don Hardy of Witch Hunt, Love Hate Love and The Human Experiment.

Thank you to incredible photographer Max S Gerber for donating his photographs of Erica.

The Bookstore of the Future

The iconic & historic Independent Bookstore — Kepler’s of Menlo Park, CA — announced a prototype model for independent bookstores that would create next-generation community literary venues.   This is welcoming and timely news for the 25% of independent bookstores who are left surviving in the US.  The project aims to create an innovative hybrid business model that includes a for-profit, community-owned-and-operated bookstore and a non-profit organization that will feature on-stage author interviews, lectures by leading intellectuals, educational workshops and other literary and cultural events. This unique legal, business and financial structure will be available, open-source, to Independent Bookstores across the country.

Accompanying the press release on January 31st is the video that I produced, filmed and edited on Kepler’s 2020:

Produced, Filmed & Edited by Naomi Ture.  For more information on how to participate in the Kepler’s 2020 Movement, go to:

TV Production Truck gets a Make-Over

For years, our production truck, which we use for our live TV programs, and our Sports events, has looked old and dilapidated.  The time was ripe for a make-over.  Via Photoshop, I created a design for the dimensions of our truck, with the objective to attract viewers within seconds, and promote KMVT’s services.  We worked with Mission City Signs to adjust, print and install the design as a vehicle wrap.  Our “new” production truck debuted at the Mountain View Art & Wine Festival in September 2010!

Global Lives Project World Premiere Installation – Opening Night Success!

The Global Lives Project debuted our world premiere exhibit at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco to an opening night crowd of more than 1,100 people!

For the first time ever, we screened our series of ten 24-hour videos of daily life from around the planet. We collaborated with hundreds of volunteers around the world in preparation for the exhibit – our onscreen participants, our directors and producers, translators and transcribers, renowned architects, video installation producers, as well as our sponsors, the Long Now Foundation & Adobe Foundation.

Our opening night celebration included great music by DJs Kid Kameleon, Tinker and Chief Boima, drinks, dancing, Gamelon music and chocolate tasting.

We have collaborated with hundreds of volunteers around the world in preparation for the exhibit, with a mission to build a video library of human life experience.  Initially, we have videotaped 24 ours in the lives of 10 people around the world, including their life stories.  These 10 lives have been brought together for the first time on Opening Night, featuring a large scale, immersive installation of 10 screens, showing the diverse lives from around the planet unfold simultaneously. In the Room for Big Ideas, sit in our architectural spaces to soak in the stories of Jamila, a little girl raised in a refugee camp in Beirut, Rumi, who leads an active life in Tokyo, and is a wheelchair user, or James, a cable car driver right here in San Francisco.

Global Lives Project World Premiere PartyThe exhibit is part of an artist residency that will evolve over 4 months, from February through June 20. As we move into the near future, we the Board members will work on and oversee projects to: 1) build an instruction manual for our traveling exhibit, 2) Produce a set of curriculum for use of GLP content in classrooms, 3) improve our website to provide a more immersive experience, translate into many languages, and accept new footage, and 4) Produce and edit a feature-length documentary based on our footage.

After a Hilly Marathon Challenge, the documentary seeds begin to grow!

On August 3rd, I faced the biggest physical challenge of my life: running the San Francisco Marathon! The training was both grueling & exhiliarating, with each Saturday long run a new achievement in distance for me. Before I started training 4 months prior, I had never run over 8 miles, and the distance of 26.2 miles is more than 3x that amount. During my last 22-mile training run, I truly needed to muster up every bit of strength to just keep moving.

I ran to raise funds for a documentary on a young woman named Erica Murray. Erica has been facing even larger hurdles in her life with determination, strength and a great sense of humor. Yes, Erica has already run a marathon. But what she’s facing is an arduous challenge much longer than 4 or 5 hours. Erica is living with leukemia, and for the past 2.5 years has persisted through indescribable lengthy and painful treatments of chemo and radiation. She’s 29, and Eurasian, just like me, and this roadblock in her life is simply unfair. Just weeks ago, Erica finally received a necessary bone marrow transplant for her life. As a bi-racial individual, the search for the right donor was a difficult process, because very few minorities and mixed-race people have registered to donate their bone marrow stem cells.

On August 3rd, cheered on by Erica and friends, my husband Rowan and I crossed the finish line after hours of running!

THANK YOU to all who supported me in numerous ways: with your presence on the day to cheer me on, your generous donations to this project, and your kind words of support.
We met our marathon fundraising goal of $2000! Your financial support will provide the necessary seed funds to help bring this important documentary to life.  100% of the money will go towards the making of this documentary.

After a few months of filming, Erica has come on board as a co-producer!  This documentary intimately reveals what it’s like to live with leukemia as a young, passionate and driven woman — and how you can help. We aim to bring awareness to the desperate need for bone marrow stem cell donations for leukemia patients, and specifically to compel people of mixed race and minority descent, to register to donate their bone marrow stem cells. This is now a VERY easy process that can save the life of someone with leukemia.

My personal motivation to run a marathon is my uncle Hiroshi, who ran his 50th marathon on his 70th birthday last year. At 70, he is healthy, happy, active, and still excelling in his career (launching a new green bio-tech company). He looks (and acts) like he is 45. Since I have some of his genes, I wanted to at least be able to run one marathon at age 30! He has shown me how important exercise is to health and well-being.

In addition, my father has become very active ever since retirement. During the week of 8-8-08, while the Olympians competed in Beijing, he completed The Oregon Bike Ride, a 500-mile endeavor, and continues to challenge himself on the bike! Go Dad! I’m proud of you!