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Perfect Match - Play the TrailerThrough laughter and tears, A Perfect Match is a documentary that follows the transformative journey of a vibrant and young multiracial woman living with life-threatening leukemia, whose only hope for survival is a ‘perfect’ bone marrow match from a volunteer donor.

Navigating the world of cancer with her sister, the two bring humor, wit and a youthful defiance to each painful treatment. But Erica’s situation is dire: only 1% of minorities are on the national bone marrow registry, and Erica hasn’t found a match. Against the odds, the sisters embark on a campaign to save Erica’s life, while Jaci’s own life is unexpectedly transformed by a relationship that blossoms with Erica’s oncologist.
The documentary is a catalyst for a multi-platform campaign, using storytelling to illuminate the dire need for multiracial marrow donors. Yes, we need funding.  Please consider a donation now, or let me know of any funding inquiries or opportunities!  I’d love to speak with individuals and organizations that could bring our important project to fruition. We are now Sponsored by Moving Train, allowing tax-deductible donations.
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From a Seedling Idea to Production

When I first met Erica in early 2008,  we excitedly spoke of a documentary that could help save lives by bringing awareness to the desperate need for bone marrow stem cell donors.  Erica’s story and intimate experience living with leukemia, would be the inspiration for discussion & action.

Thank you to all who help to grow this documentary each day through your support.  Without your generous financial donations, this effort could not continue.  From my heart, I thank the family for sharing their story, my colleagues & friends for their dedicated volunteer work, for your love & friendship with Erica, your feedback & your kind words. We have now grown into a team of accomplished filmmakers.  Cinematographer Nick Davila was on-board from day 1, lending his expertise with belief in the mission, lifting our spirits with his witty personality, and as a rock-solid sounding board.   Editor Chris Faber brings intuition and skill to craft our story with originality, depth and impact.   I am honored that accomplished filmmakers Jonathan Stack and Bobbi Jo Krals have come on board as both active advisers and producers. And most recently, have received the advisement of filmmakers Don Hardy & Dana Nachman, and sponsorship of Moving Train. We are completing the production phase, and look forward to the intense creative process of the edit!

Please also visit the documentary website at: www.aperfectmatchthemovie.org


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