Painting Worlds

Animation, 2004
Created, Directed & Edited by Naomi Ture

Featuring the voices and paintings of Devyn, Elon, Emma, Eva, Jordan and Thea

Painting Worlds is an animated journey into the minds of children as they explore questions on existence and the natural world.   Through actual paintings and discussions, the young participants examine such questions as: “Why and how do we exist?”  “Are there other worlds?”  and “What happens when we die?”  This visual and aural experience brings viewers deep into the rich theoretical and philosophical landscape of children’s imaginations.

Painting Worlds was first presented as a Master’s Thesis project at the Schenectady Planetarium, as a single-channel animation in 5.1 surround sound.  I collaborated with over 30 upstate NY children, ages 6-8, using a method of facilitation which I developed that offered children the greatest autonomy possible within a loose framework.  I was surprised and fascinated with the creativity and wisdom of each child.

I plan to continue my exploration of the philosophies and imaginations of children through painting, drawing and discussion.  What are childrens’ perceptions on existence and the natural world?  As they begin to act upon and perceive their world, what are their mystical, logical and creative thoughts on how life works?

I aim to develop this project into a full-scale planetarium piece, that truly allows the viewer to become enveloped in imaginative paintings, and journey within the minds of children.

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