Steth E & Howie C Hasbro

Educational Software, Hasbro Children’s Hospital, 1999

It was 1999 – a world in which Floppys & Zip drives still existed, where no-one knew what “Google” was, and college students left messages on answering machines to make plans.

And so, it was a pretty cool & innovative thing when we created an educational CD-ROM for the Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Complete with animations & interactivity, pre-surgical kids were guided by Steth-E-Scope, for a virtual tour of the surgical unit, to meet the doctors, and learn about their condition & expectations. For years, our interactive became part of Hasbro’s pre-surgical preparatory program.

Developed in 1999 by Oliver Hurst-Hiller, Rupali Kotwal, Yusuke Naito and Naomi Ture, at Brown University.

Video Production
Exhibits & Interactives